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About PhoneCoach

PhoneCoach was founded when trainers working for our sister training business were looking for a way to get delegates to practice and record telephone skills for courses they were running in telephone techniques and telesales. They looked around and couldn’t find anything that would fit the bill. So, they designed it themselves!

Since then, it has evolved from tape recorders to cordless phones/headsets and laptop-based technology, always listening to what our customers need for their training sessions.

Alpha 6

Telephone skills training kit for up to 6 people.

Alpha 12

For larger groups of up to 12 delegates, the Alpha 12 kit is ideal.

Our products

PhoneCoach is the only ‘stand-alone’ telephone training kit in the world*, which means that trainers can run their classroom courses in any room, anywhere. 

It plugs into any wall socket and does not use Wi-Fi or an internet connection at all, so it’s the perfect solution when delivering skills practice in venues and training rooms. Just plug and play!

*UK, USA and Europe

The PhoneCoach Team

Mandy Stephens

Director, Head of Sales

Martyn Stephens

Hire & Service Manager


IT Support

The Factory

Design & Development

Kelly Kemp

Creative & Tech Support
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